Bayou Classic 10 Gal. Stainless Steel Brew Pot


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The 10 Gallon Bayou Classic Brew Pot Kit is a four-piece brew pot. The Brew Pot includes a low-side indentation and is narrow with high sides that will reduce the chance of boilovers.

A heat shield and gallon/quart calibration are on the side to make brewing with your stainless brew pot easier. The kit also includes a Bayou Classic Brew Thermometer with a 3-inch dial indicating various home brew settings.

The 10 Gallon Bayou Classic Brew Pot Kit is entirely made of stainless steel so you have no worries about interaction with acid wort.


  • Low-side indentation, heat shield, and gallon/quart calibration.
  • Stainless domed lid
  • Stainless ball valve having 1/2″ FNPT threaded interior and exterior opening
  • Stainless Brew Thermometer with 3″ dial indicating various brew settings


  • A narrow diameter and high side wall reduce the chance of boiling over.
  • All stainless construction for no interaction with acid wort.
  • False bottom rests on low side indentation creating a tighter barrier, reducing the chance for grains and particles to enter the spigot chamber.


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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 40 cm

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