Bounty Hunter Handyman


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The Bounty Hunter Handyman is perfect for the garage or the workshop. Find metal in the ground and in wood. Compact size and easy to carry. Find lost metal parts, toys, keys, coins and jewelry. Works for finding nails in boards before cutting or plaining. Locate survey stakes, sprinkler heads, property markers, nails, washers, screws, pins, wire, wrenches, bolts, and much more.
Low Battery Indicator
Target Indicator
Light Weight Erogonomic Design for Easy Handling
Comfortable to USE
Proportional Audio – Speaker Volume Varies with Target Depth
Detects Washer Size Objects Up To 6 Inches Deep and Larger Objects Up To 2 Feet Deep
Maximum Depth Detection with Sensitivity Control 6.5″
Water Resistiant Coil
Extends to 27″
One Year Warranty

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 28 × 14 cm


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