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The Pro-Camel 18 Automatic Gold Panning Machine (18″ Spiral Wheel) is essentially the same machine as the Pro-Camel 24 but with a different size wheel.

Even a seasoned gold panner will miss some gold when panning by hand, especially if the concentrates are heavy with black sand. So for the beginner or average panner, the odds of washing some of the gold out of the pan are even higher. Let’s face it, losing some gold while panning by hand is simply a fact of panning and something we should expect. The Pro-Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine uses the same basic technology of gold separation as a traditional gold pan: water, motion, and gravity. Because gold is so much heavier than the other materials that it’s found with, it can be easily separated from like-sized materials. With a traditional gold pan, you create a slurry of water and material mixing it well to allow the gold to drop down to the bottom of the pan. You then slowly and carefully wash off the lighter material by dipping the edge of the pan in the water. The same basic principles are being applied with the Pro-Camel, but much faster and more efficiently than panning by hand.

This is why Automatic Spiral Gold Panning Machines are so popular today.

  • They ease the burden of panning by hand by doing all of the hard work for you and doing it the same way over and over again.
  • They allow you to process significantly more material in much less time.
  • They increase your gold recovery effectiveness by a factor of 50. That means you will recover 50 times more gold than you would working by hand with a traditional gold pan.
  • It is a fast, high-capacity machine capable of processing 300-400 pounds of placer sand per hour.
  • Unique 2-stage Spiral Wheel = 15 Spiral riffles lead into an inset second stage of 5 additional spiral riffles. This innovative design increases gold recovery over the standard single-stage wheels.
  • Exclusive Aqua-Jet technology ensures that the material stays in a slurry allowing the gold to drop out into the spirals. The Pro-Camel’s Aqua-Jet provides an ample water supply to the edge and bottom of the spiral wheel to create the slurry needed to allow the gold to separate from the other material. As it does, the gold is scooped up in the 15 spiral riffles and stays there because of the deep “V” design. As the wheel turns, the spray bar rinses the lighter material away allowing the gold to ride up the spirals. When the gold drops into the second stage, any material tagging along for the ride is washed away allowing the clean gold to be deposited through the center hole of the wheel and into the gold catch cup hanging on the back of the machine.
  • Variable speed wheel control and adjustable water flow. Allows you to fine-tune the Pro-Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine to the material being processed.
  • The drive unit is gear-driven and uses sealed ball bearings allowing it to run smoothly, quietly, and be energy efficient.
  • When the base material is properly classified, meaning the relative size of the material being processed is the same, the Pro-Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine is hard to beat for recovering fine gold.
  • Powered by any 12-volt battery with at least 16 amps of output.


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