DML2000 XRM Magnetic Locator with Meter and Soft Case


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The DML 2000 XR Magnetic Locator is the lightest magnetic locator on the market! It features six sensitivity settings for better control.  Dunham & Morrorw, the manufacturer of the DML 2000 XR has provided highly reliable magnetometers to NASA, NOAA and various military programs for over 25 years.
In fact, this rugged locator is designed by the same engineers that designed the Schonstedt GA-32 & GA-52 series magnetic locators. The state-of-the-art DML 2000 packs all of its sophisticated electronics in an incredibly light 1.6 lb package. Shock-mounted sensors maintain proper alignment, even when exposed to physical abuse.
The unit has six sensitivity settings for better control. Normal locates are performed on setting three, while settings one & two will be used for larger and/or stronger magnetic targets. Settings four, five and six are for relatively weak or smaller targets. A piezoelectric speaker idles at 20 Hz when no magnetic objects are present.
Whenever the DML 2000 XR detects a ferromagnetic object, the output frequency increases until it peaks directly over the target (approximately 3500 Hz). The DML 2000 XR will operate up to 120 hours using four AA batteries. A low battery LED alerts the operator when they have 20-25 hours of battery life remaining.
The 2000 includes a soft gun style carrying case, a spare set of batteries and an operating manual.
3 Year Warranty
Up to 9 feet Cast-Iron Pipe (4″ Pipe)
Up to 10 feet Manhole Cover
Up to 10 feet Well Casing
Up to 18 inches PK Nail (1.5″)
Up to 12 inches Iron Valve
Up to 10 feet 55 Gallon drum
Up to 10 feet Septic Tank (Handles) Up to 5 feet

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