Fisher Gemini III


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The Gemini III is designed to locate large, deep objects–like an iron chest, an ore vein or a metal pipe. With its two-box design, it offers much better depth penetration than a standard metal detector.
The Gemini-3 is used by professional treasure hunters, prospectors, geologists, and public utility employees. Depending on ground mineralization and target size, objects may be detected as deep as 20 feet. A pioneer in the field of metal detector over 60 years ago. Fisher has been advancing the state of the art ever since.
The Gemini-3 is Fisher’s best two-box ever. If you are a two-box treasure hunter, you probably already know the Fisher Gemini-3 has a reputation for being the best around.
Detects all metals
Quality engineered by the oldest and proudest name in the business.
Sensitive to large, deep objects and ore veins
Crystal-controlled, 82-Khz transmitter and receiver
Four modes of operation: Inductive Trace, Conductive a Trace, Wide Scan Inductive, and Narrow Scan Inductive Search
Optional ground rod and ground plate assembly for long-distance underground tracing
60-cycle noise reduction circuitry
VCO audio target response for precision pinpointing
Built-in re-charger circuitry for optional re-charger kit.
Five Year Warranty

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