Garrett PD 6500I Walk-Through Security Metal Detector (Please Call)


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Garrett’s PD 6500i is an industry leader with superior pinpoint technology an unmatched discrimination features. This detector has proven its effectiveness at moving high volumes of patrons through professional sporting venues and major international competitions, such as the Olympic Games, World Cup Events and the Pan-American Games. The PD 6500i has also been trusted to safeguard international airports, hotels, government buildings, and pinpoint targets in 33 detection zones (three laterally and 11 vertically), the PD 6500i is the Walk-through of choice for security professionals worldwide.

Advanced Broadband Technology

Analyzes targets across a broad range of frequencies for greater accuracy. Provides superior ferrous and nonferrous detection. Improved discrimination means fewer false alarms and higher throughput.

More accurate pinpointing

With more than four times the detection coils of competitive models, the PD 6500i provides uniform detection and precise pinpointing. Independent zone indicator lights on both side panels identify not only height but also left, center and right locations for one or more objects passing through the archway.

Dual-sided detection

This unique bilateral technology has transmitters and receivers in each side panel to allow scanning from both sides, resulting in uniform detection throughout the archway. It also provides superior noise cancellation resulting in easier setup (i.e. no need to rotate the unit to avoid interference from nearby equipment such as other metal detectors or x-ray machines).

Superior versatility

Menu based settings for feature selection such as alarm
indication, count method, and language without the use
of a computer. Field programmable to allow system upgrades. Multiple units can be installed as close as 2 inches

Multi-brand compatibility

Can be added to existing checkpoints without
having to replace other brand units. Includes multiple
channels and 2,300 selectable operating frequencies.

Optimum Performance

More than 20 standard program settings scientifically
engineered to address the needs of airports,
courthouses, prisons, schools, facilities, special events,
mass transit, loss prevention, and other applications.

Pacing lights

Universal “wait” and “proceed” symbols at the detector
entrance for traffic controls.

Advanced networking (optional)

Manage walkthroughs individually or as groups and
perform statistical analysis via network with CMA
interface module. Supervisors can remotely access
controls, visual alarms and statistics.

Directional counter

Four settings for counting patrons: forward only,
reverse only, subtract in reverse, and bidirectional

International security standards

The PD 6500i meets the world’s highest test certifications, including the following organizations:

  • Transportation Safety Administration (USA)
  • European Civil Aviation Conference (EU)
  • Service Technique De L’Aviation Civile (France)
  • Aena (Spain)
  • Department for Transport (UK)
  • Central Japan International Airport Company (Japan)


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