Gold Cube Tub Flange For 3 Tub Kit Sediment System For Gold Prospecting GC-16


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Gold Cube Tub Flange for 3 Tub Kit Sediment System for Gold Prospecting GC-16.

Connect multiple tubs for continuous circulation. The Vegetation kit’s PVC pipe slips into the Flanges to create a water tight seal between the tubs. The system leaves the tubs totally portable and nestable. The Flange system is a must where gold is fine, water is scarce, and every drop counts!

An ideal portable and contained small production system has a 3-tub sediment system (3 Tub Kit) using the tube flange to connect them together.  An excellent system has a smaller tub inside a larger tub then one next to it connected by flanges (2 Tub Kit).

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