Jobe 45″ Yellow Jacket Sluice


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Are you ready for a larger sluice or do you want to get started on a good sized sluice and move a lot of material? Check out the Jobe 45 inch yellow jacket stream sluice. It measures 45 inches long, 10 inches wide and weighs a meager nine pounds, making a great sluice box for any prospector.

Like the smaller Jobe 36 inch sluice box this larger sluice has a nice section of black rubber matting right under the the flared top. This acts as a window to your material. You can quickly spot gold over the black rubber matting and know right away if your material is loaded with gold or not. If you are not seeing any gold here, you might want to get your paydirt somewhere else.

Jobe uses only quality construction and craftsmanship on these sluice boxes. The riffle system is made from zinc plated steel and will last decades.

The Jobe sluice boxes use two different riffle systems. The first riffle system is a stream riffle system, this makes it easier for the water to start moving the materials down the sluice. The second riffle system is the Hungarian riffle system. This section maximizes gold recovery.

The riffle system is latched in the center allowing super easy cleanup and the flare is removable. With some additional accessories this sluice box can be easily converted into a powered highbanker or dredge.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 95 × 30 × 15 in


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