Nokta Makro Replaceable 5.5″ Scuba Coil Unit for Pulsedive (Black)


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The black 5.5″ Scuba Coil Unit fits the Pulsedive Pinpointer by Nokta | Makro, instantly turning it into a handheld underwater scuba detector. With both audio and vibration alerts, the Pulsedive lets you know exactly when the target is detected. If you have the 2.4 GHz Green Edition Wireless Headphones, you can hear all the signals wirelessly while you are searching on land, right out of the package.

You can switch the Pointer Coil right before you jump in the water. With the scuba coil in place along with the waterproof diving cap, you can find deeper treasure and dive up to 200 feet. While you are at the beach this summer, don’t miss out on any sunken treasures and get this 5.5″ coil to go even further with each sweep of your Pulsedive.

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