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This new Roaring Camp 12″ Gold Saver gold pan is known for its “gold trap” in the bottom of the pan.  This patented feature is unique to the Gold Saver pan.

The gold trap is a recessed area in the bottom of the gold pan.  This rectangular shaped depression along with the double riffles is designed to quickly catch the heavier gold particles/pieces.  The recessed area is 3″ wide, extends 1″ toward the back of the pan and is 1/4″ deep.  The pan is made of durable plastic for years of rugged service.  The burgandy color provides a good visual contrast with black sands and fine gold particles.  Every prospector should own one of these pans as it is perfect for the pro or the beginner.

12″ Gold Saver Gold Pan Measurements:
A             B            C          D
         12.5″         2.5″         0″         8″

This 12″ gold pan is tough enough for the pro, yet light enough for the beginner.  Whether on an extended camping trip or just out for the day, gold panning is a great outdoor hobby that the whole family can enjoy.  You can never have too many gold pans.  Family members, friends and relatives may also get the “gold bug.”   It’s nice to have a pan for everyone.

The gold pan can just be tossed in the trunk or rear of your car, pickup, motorhome or ATV, along with a shovel and plastic bucket.  Now, you’re all set.  With gold currently being worth over $1000 an ounce, this enjoyable hobby could become a money making experience

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