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Treasure hunting with a Tesoro just became more versatile than ever. Now you can purchase the new Tesoro Outlaw without the additional search coils.The Outlaw is an all-terrain multi-coil phenomenon. Built on the tough as nails technology you’ve come to expect from Tesoro, the Outlaw has its roots firmly set in the Bandido Series of metal detectors. This family of detectors also gives the user the return of the True No-Motion retune that allows for precision pinpointing.

The Outlaw incorporates Tesoros High Gain Sensitivity circuitry, which improves sensitivity to low conductivity targets such as gold, brass and lead. This control also activates the automatic battery check each time the unit is turned on.

The Outlaw is a silent search VLF-motion discriminator which also features a non-motion, all-metal search/pinpoint mode. The three-piece, S-shaped handle makes the Outlaw ideal for traveling or backpacking into a remote site.
Operating Frequency: 10.6 kHz
One 8″ Round Open Center Concentric Coil
3″ Cable Length
Audio Frequency: Approximately 630 Hz
Weight: 2.2 lbs
36mm (approximately 1 1/2″) Speaker & Headphone Jack
Battery: one 9 volt (Required)
Battery Life: 10 t0 20 Hours (Typically)
Optimum Humidity: 30 to 100° F
Operating Modes
Silent Search Discriminate
No Motion All Metal
Motion All Metal

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 55 × 30 × 15 cm


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