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Tesoro Silver Umax

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The Tesoro Silver µMax (MicroMax) features an incredibly small housing and Max Boost technology. It is a turn on and go detector with Silent Search discrimination and all metal modes. The Silver µMax offers strong, silent and simple operation for those who want maximum performance in a metal detector, but without all the complicated bells and whistles.
The Silver µMax uses a microprocessor to control the audio tone and battery test. It comes with an 8″ concentric coil and Tesoro’s latest plastic faceplate design. When set in the all metal mode the Silver uMax has remarkable sensitivity and depth of detection on all types of metal items. Combined with the Max Boost circuitry, this setting will pick up smaller items than most metal detectors in this price range.
Engaging the discriminate mode allows the full-range adjustable discrimination circuitry to tune out common trash targets while still finding desired items. Optional smaller searchcoils may be used to give the Silver uMax extra sensitivity to small items and allow for better target separation in trashy areas. The optional large searchcoils may be used to cover extra ground and get extra depth on larger items. It is this ability to employ interchangeable searchcoils that makes the Tesoro Silver uMax one of the most versatile detectors available for such a low price.All the searchcoils are waterproof and allow the detector to be submerged up to the control box.
The 9V transistor battery (included) will power the Silver uMax for over 20 hours of normal use. The ultra-light 2.3 pound design means this detector is suitable for those that do not have the strength to handle heavier metal detectors. The three-piece rod assembly is fully adjustable, allowing persons both short and tall to set the detector for a comfortable length. And best of all, Tesoro’s Limited Lifetime Warranty (see below) assures you of the quality of the Silver uMax
Turn on & go
Hot on gold jewelry
Great for detecting underwater data loggers
NEW Microprocessor technology
VLF 10 kHz frequency
Has two search modes: silent search all metal & silent search discriminate
MAXBoost sensitivity
Built-in mineral rejection
Low noise circuitry
Ultra-lightweight design weighs appx 2.2 pounds total
NEW Push button battery test
Uses only one 9 volt battery (long life)
3-Piece knockdown pole
Headphone receptacle (located on back of control housing)
8″ Concentric Coil
Waterproof search coil

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