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Tesoro Tejon

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We are very proud to introduce the Tejon. It features a high output transmit oscillator to push the signal deeper and an increased gain for sensitivity to smaller items. The Tejón was designed from the ground up with the coin and relic hunter in mind. It also features a new color scheme from Tesoro- blue, gray and black.
The Tejon was over a year and a half in the design stages and represents a new generation of Tesoro detectors. Once you get past the new color scheme, the first thing that you will notice is the lack of a mode switch on the faceplate. We have moved it beneath the control housing so that you are able to switch modes quickly. Pinpointing and checking your targets with the Alternate Discrimination is a breeze.
The Tejon’s two discriminate modes are fully user definable. The engineers at Tesoro have given the user the ability to set the machine for their hunting needs. Each discriminate mode uses ED180 circuitry. The regular discriminate also incorporates a full-time all metal setting. Want to hunt in all metal and check the targets for iron or discriminate out iron and perform a check for high value silver or gold targets? It’s no problem for the Tejon. Simply set the Discriminate and Alternate Discriminate modes for your style of hunting and swing the coil. Then use the Trigger Switch to quickly change modes to check your targets. Push the trigger forward to activate the Alternate Discriminate or pull the trigger back to pinpoint the target.
The Tejon makes it fast and easy. But the user definable features do not stop there. The Tejon has a manually adjustable ground balance that works for both the All Metal mode and both Discriminate modes. Using a three and three quarter potentiometer, the Tejón will meet and defeat all soil conditions and is suitable for any hunting style. The Tejon also has an audio tone adjust. If you have trouble hearing certain tones or have certain tones that you are more comfortable with, the Tejon can meet you desires.
Using the tone adjustment control, you can switch from a normal tone with VCO pinpoint/all metal to any one of thousands of different audio tones for the All Metal and Discriminate modes. Fine tune the tone until it is right for you and see how much easier it is to find, pinpoint and dig the targets that you are looking for. While the Tesoro Tejon was designed mostly for coin and relic hunters, its user definable controls are simple and easy to use making it able to handle just about any type of treasure hunting that you may wish to try.
Dual Discrimination Circuits
Easy to use trigger mode switch
Max Boost Sensitivity
Adjustable audio tone control
3 3/4 turn ground control
Compatable with Lobo Super Traq coils
Operating frequency 17.2 – 17.6 kHz
9″x8″ Search coil
1/4″ Headphone jack and speaker
Weight 2.98 Lbs
20-30 hours 8 AA Batteries
Operating modes: Slow Auto tune, Silent search discriminate,
Alternate slow auto tune
Pinpoint mode:
All metal fast auto tune.

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