Ugly Box Electrolysis Unit – Coin and Relic Cleaner + Stabilizer (2023)


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The Ugly Box is designed to stabilize dug coins, metallic artifacts, and jewelry by slowing (or stopping) future degradation. In addition, the process will clean the treated object, helping to remove oxidation, encrustations, and other contaminating materials.

Your Ugly Box comes equipped with the Lightning 30K. The Lightning 30K replaces the THUNDER and the THRASHER Tools which came with the earlier version of The Ugly Box. The L-30k is used in much the same way as the Thunder and Thrasher but is now combined in 1, 30,000 pulse per minute hypersonic tool.


Included in the box:

  • Ugly Box unit
  • Brine powder (mix approx.1 tsp per cup of water)
  • 2 leads, with alligator clips
  • Carbon catalyst rod
  • Copperhead electrolysis power input cable
  • Lightning 30K (L-30K) Hyper-Sonic Tool


  • Electrolysis unit, designed specifically for treasure hunters and coin dealers
  • High quality coin & relic cleaner + stabilizer
  • Applications for metal detecting, archaeology digs, restoration, historic artifacts, and museum collections
  • Research, development, and tested in collaboration with university
  • Increase the value of your finds
  • Great value / affordable prices

You Will Also Need:

  • Tank (small plastic or similar, not metal)
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Water, enough to cover coin/object

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