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Designed by White’s Electronics, this is a “real” metal detector right-sized and simplified to be fun and rewarding for kids seven and older

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Metal Detector Kit 800-0348-BDL
Attention kids! Get out there and have your own
treasure-finding adventure! Just turn on the
Xventure and sweep it over the ground. Listen for
the sound of treasure, and watch the lights on the
display to see what’s under the ground.

•Adjustable to fit most kids 7 and up
•5 Segment Target ID lights up to indicate type of target
•Selectable Sensitivity
•PinPoint Mode
•1/8” Headphone Output
•Lightweight Construction
•Waterproof Search Coil
•2 AA Batteries Included
•Adventure Kit-Digging Trowel, Headphones, Finds Apron,
Magnifier,20 Best Kept Secrets Book

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 65 × 30 × 15 cm


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