Black Friday XP Specials

Deus Lite

The Deus Lite models are

DEUS-22X35 WS4 and DEUS-28X35 WS4

DEUS – The model is Deus
22X35 – Comes with 22cm/9″ X35 Wireless Coil
28X35 – Comes with 28cm/11″ X35 Wireless Coil
WS4 – Comes with WS4 Headphones
No remote/ control box is included.  The WS4 remote can be taken off the headphones and attached to the stem.  The WS4 puck operates just the same as the larger RC/Remote control box but has a smaller display.  You can control all functions of the detector, but there is no info or VDI displayed. >>>>>>

MAP on both models is only $943.00 starting on Nov 25

ORX / MI-6 Pinpointer Bundle

Starting on Black Friday an ORX / MI-6 Pinpointer Bundle will be available at a special price.

The MI-6 connects wirelessly to all XP detectors to unlock extra functionality and more control.

The ORX has all the capability as the Deus but with a simplified remote interface.  The actual depth, sensitivity and overall capability of the detector is determined by the coil, which is shared with the Deus.

The MI-6 Pinpointer connects wirelessly to the ORX and allows the ORX remote to control its functions (sensitivy

Bundle MAP Price $916 (Nov 25, while supplies last)

(Normal ORX MAP is $850 and MI-6 is $208)

ORX Special Price

For Black Friday weekend, the MAP of the ORX with included wired headphones will drop to a special low.

This is for the following SKUs:  ORX-22 FX02, ORX-ELL FX02, ORX-22X35 FX02, ORX-28X35 FX02

ORX – The model is ORX
22X35 – Comes with 22cm/9″ X35 Wireless Coil
28X35 – Comes with 28cm/11″ X35 Wireless Coil
22 – Comes with 22cm/9″ High Frequency Round Wireless Coil
ELL – Comes with 9.5″x5″ High Frequency Elliptical Wireless Coil
FX02 – Comes with FX02 wired headphones.  These are a simple, inexpensive wired headphone with a behind-the-head headband


Special MAP $785 (Nov 25)  (Normal MAP $850)