WS6 MASTER: a real game changer!

  • Same performance than the DEUS II RC 
  • FMF Fast Multi-frequency from 4 to 45 kHz
  • Fully Wireless & ergonomic handle
  • The worlds lightest metal detector : 750g (>30% lighter than competitors)
  • Affordable (from 899€)
This is not a DEUS II lite, the WS6 module can access all the same settings!
Please take a look at the User Guide available on the XP Website: https://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/uploads/files/document/gb-ws6-deusii-userguide.pdf

Ws6 Screen


ONE module for ALL terrain


ALL Terrain: Surf / Beach / Field / Park / Treasure Hunting / Gold Prospecting


  • On your stem

Stem holder

  • XP Stem support (Ref: D090B-A) included
  • On your head

WS6 Removable

  • XP Backphone (Ref: D096) included


  • Plug any headphones:

Stem holder

  • XP Clip adapter (Ref: D099) included
  • On your arm to dive:

WS6 Removable

  • XP Waterproof kit up to 5m depth (Ref: D-KITC)  optional


  • On your wrist:

Stem holder

  • XP Clip adapter (Ref: D099) included
WS6 Removable